How to Control Binge Eating

In order to help you learn how to control binge eating; I've provided 7 tips to guide you. These tips can also be used for emotional eating help.

Gaining some sense of control is a necessity before you can stop binge eating. If you don't get your eating in check you can't progress and develop in areas you need to succeed.

These tips will help you better understand why you are eating and help you move forward in becoming free.

How to Control Binge Eating: 7 Steps

  1. Recognition

    First you need to recognize that your patterns of eating are not healthy. Recognition doesn't mean beating yourself up. Just acknowledge it; and accept that your behaviors need to change.

    Remember that this is not about you as a person, but about your behaviors. Keep them separate.

  2. Honesty

    Why do you need to be honest with yourself?

    Without total honesty overcoming emotional eating is NOT possible. You may disagree with me; but the fact remains.

    You may be thinking that you are already an honest person so this doesn't apply to you.

    I used to think the same thing. I thought I was an honest person... and generally I was. But not with myself. I wasn't really aware that I wasn't being honest with myself. I believed so many lies that it became common place.

    Be open with the idea of honesty; especially with yourself. It may be a simple principle; but it is the very thing that allows you to move forward.

    Just be aware of what you tell yourself. Do you find yourself saying that if you could just find the best diet, or that magic pill you could loose the weight?

    Be open and willing to be honest. You may not be aware what you're hiding or lying about... but through time and honesty you'll overcome this!

  3. Hunger cues:
  4. Learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger.

  5. Food cravings: How can you begin to control your food cravings and what causes them?
  6. Intuitive eating: Learn how to be in tune with your body.
  7. Don't Expect Perfection

    If you are trying something new; mistakes are inevitable. Making a mistake doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you. It only means that you needed to learn something. That's all... nothing more.

    Mistakes are how we grow!

    The important thing is that you keep at it. Don't quit because you can't do something perfectly; you'll be paralyzed for life. You will miss out on many wonderful experiences.

    Accept that things are not going to be ideal. You may stumble at first and overeat. So what!?

    Keep progressing and eventually your binge eating will become fewer and farther between.

    Keep going... don't lose hope.

  8. Support

    Without people around you that love and accept you; it's hard to be able to learn how to control binge eating.

    When you have people not wanting you to become healthy it becomes even harder.

    It may be totally unconscious on their part. They might not be aware of their "sabotaging".

    See where your friends and family stand and if you can count on them for support. If not then move on. You may need to put up a temporary boundary with certain people so that you can overcome binge eating.

    Search around yourself and find the support you need.

    Don't give up if you feel that you can't trust others around you. There are always other options.

    If you need someone to help you learn more about how to control binge eating please

    contact me.

    I am more than happy to help you in any way that I can. I can't be everything to everyone, but if I can help you, I will.

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