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Q&A: I can’t Keep Food in the House

Hi there, I am 22 years old and I have been struggling with binge eating for over 5 years now. I'm in a terrible cycle of binge eating and then dieting.

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Q&A: Sneaky Binges

Hello Stefanie! I want to start this by thanking you for sharing your experience and creating a space like this one for us that are trying to follow your

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Q&A: Fullness

Dear Stefanie, First of all, thank you very much for...well, everything. For caring, above anythng else. I hope you're fine yourself. How are you doing?

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Q&A: Night binging. Help?

Night Binging Help My binge eating has been going on for sometime now, and I really want to stop this horrible cycle. I'm okay during the day with eating

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Q&A: I Try to Fight It

I am 22yrs old and have only recently admitted to myself that I suffer from binge eating. Over the past few months it has got worse and worse and I now

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Q&A: Constant Cravings

What should I do when I get the temptations for a binge? I get the feeling, then it goes away, but then it comes back again and thats when I usually

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Q&A: I NEED to Overcome Binge Eating

I have lost amount of weight before , close to 70 lbs , I thought I was happy. But I just wasn't satisfied with myself , I always think my body is not

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Q&A: I binge on ANYTHING

Hi Stefanie, I have been struggling with binge eating for more than a year. I weigh 117 pounds and my height is 5'2'', but I used to weigh 92 pounds.

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Q&A: Over-eating and Anorexia

Hello, I firstly want to thank you for your videos. They have been inspiring and very useful in a recent time of need. I have suffered with anorexia

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Strength Discovered

Strength Discovered: Body, Mind, & Soul. Creating peace with your body & food.

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