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Q&A: Binge Eating after Anorexia

Dearest Stefanie, I am so glad that I found your web-page and could buy your ebook - it did help me a lot in the last years. To my question: At age 10

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Q&A: I can't tell the difference

Hi, I love your site and relate really strongly to so many of the things here. I am really interested in intuitive eating and want so badly to have a

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YOU Can Overcome Binge Eating

YOU Can Overcome Binge Eating E Book. Learn how you can finally stop binge eating and develop a normal healthy relationship with food.

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Q&A: I lose 25 pounds only to binge and gain it all and more back

I am 62 years old and am an emotional eater. I am so tired of binging and feeling helpless to it. I weigh 200 pounds and carry it all up top and I know

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Q&A: I feel fat

I do ballet and all the girls are very skinny, and my metabolism would actually allow me to be skinny, but I'm binge eating almost twice eveyday!! I'm

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Q&A: Binge Relapses

I went to the mental health counseling in college for help on this issue, however I felt that since I wasn't purging I wasn't a high concern for the counselors.

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Q&A: Can't Stop Eating

Hi, I hope you can help me. I have gone through a number of personal and work changes in the last 10 months. I have reverted back to constantly eating

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Q&A: First Focus - Weight or Mentality? (and what about nutritionists?)

I have binged for years, since I was 10, (I am now 21). It has taken a huge toll on my physical and mental health. Over the past 2 years I had been trying

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Q&A: I don't Want to be "that girl" Anymore

I've spent the last few years fixated on my physical looks, I struggle to maintain my desired size and fluctuate between a size 4 – 8 and either way I’m

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Q&A: Sneaky Binges

Hello Stefanie! I want to start this by thanking you for sharing your experience and creating a space like this one for us that are trying to follow your

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